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16 Aug 2012

* only a society with vocal ignorants and silent sensibles would tolerate ANNAs and BABAs...
* baba ramdev says- Corrupt and hoarders of black money should not be allowed in Parliament. (WHAT ABOUT KARNATAKA ASSEMBLY BABA...?!?!)
*in the middle of black money and white money, the indian color box also has huge saffron money..
*some trying 2 take back india 2 Ramlila & jantar-mantar days. & it suits 2 cave-ideology. but people r more mature now, just media isn’t.
*anyone coloured in a religion had never been trustworthy in my experience...., like ramdev
*being secular is like being virgin. either you are, or you are not.
*baba after anna, reminds me of relay race... :-)

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