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17 Aug 2012

* rumours on net, sms. this is collateral cost of democratization of medium. totally beyond check. u check a thousand, act, & 10,000 more...
* some politicians words 4 peace r sandwiched in such thick layer of IFs & BUTs, the intention of peace not even visible in their statements.
* hindu and muslim fanatics, both parasites thriving on each other. and they send greeting cards to each-other for long life.
*hindus troubled in pakistan, muslims troubled in india, north-easterners troubled in many parts of india, FANATICS ARE LOVIN IT...
* microphone of history is so sensitive, it records silence of people who have a voice and keeping silence when it is trouble around.
* look at capitalism! when india is burning, in trouble, in shelters, running 4 life, there is News - ‘Sensex gains 88 points in early trade’

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