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26 august 2012
*no-friends-around, is a great situation for learning...
*indian politics is so funny, Left is the only Right...
*i wish propagandists understand difference btvn action on hate-monger accounts, and censorship. probably dont wish 2 look in 2 dictionary.
*i support action against all hate accounts. freedom of speech can not have one law 4 print and another 4 net.
sunil kumar-if you are full of hate, that way is my gate.
*some people get so disappointed when a supreme court rejects an appeal. it is a court, not a radio station playing listener’s choice.
*new tools of history-documentation, record Silence with all fine details :-)
*if u r not abused enough, then u r probably either not correct enough, r u r not speaking enough, r may b both :-)
*indian politics proved science of nature wrong. a diamond called manmohan singh turned in to coal under pressure.
*youngster’s common abuse comes 2 mind, when i look 8 Hindi tv Reality shows. all designed 2 take people away from Harsh Reality of life.

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